Anna Williams is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, muralist and designer. Her most notable murals and illustration work have been for clients including Bloomingdale’s, Westminster Kennel Club, the ACLU, La Esquina Williamsburg, Emmy Squared, and the Market NYC to name a few. To inquire about work, reach out using the following email:




Fem Foundry x Joyful Heart

art show and fundraiser for the Joyful Heart Foundation / May 2018

-       Was one of 25 artists asked to participate in Unboxed, the Fem Foundry's show at the New Women's Space in Brooklyn, NY.

St. Jude's Research Hospital

Annual research fundraiser and auction / April 2018

-       Had an art piece auctioned at the annual fundraiser in New York.

Westminster Kennel Club

142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show / February 2018

-       Designed one of the posters for the Madison Square Garden annual event.


Gallery House

Gallery House / December 2017

-      Displayed the illustration "Phone Me" in the Yesterday's Tomorrow Exhibition responding to the gallery's prompt about technology and its influence on our lives.

Van der Plas Gallery

Van der Plas Gallery / November 2017

-      Displayed the collage "Three Graces" in the All Art + Exhibition

Greenpoint Gallery

Greenpoint Gallery / November 2017

-      Displayed the collage "Film, Print, Slide" in the Salon Exhibition

Society 6

Society 6 Blog / November 2017

-       Created a series of 12 horoscope images inspired by the Lotería deck.

-       https://blog.society6.com/monthly-horoscope-november-2017/

Van der Plas Gallery

Van der Plas Gallery / September 2017

-       Displayed the collage “Gaze” at the All Art + Exhibition

Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared Williamsburg / September 2017

-       Designed and painted murals for interior and exterior of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurant 

Word Association Zine

Self-Published Zine / April 2017

-       Launched the first volume of self-published zine

-       Received over 50 submissions from local and international artists

-       Curated, designed and printed the publication

-       Hosted a pop-up gallery in a Midtown tailor showroom working around limitations like being unable to nail into walls

-       Curated and hung the work of over 25 artists and 45 pieces of art.

-       Over 200 attended event and sold every copy of the zine

El Fiambre Fabuloso

TiGo Migo Gallery Barcelona Spain / April 2017

-       Displayed illustration in the international Exquisite Corpse exhibition

-       Visually connected illustration to surrounding pieces to make a continuous piece of art

Women on Top Feature

Anna the Magazine / February 2017

-       Interviewed by female run and written magazine called Anna

-       Article discussed my street-art, fine-art and design

ACLU Protest Art x Hester Street

Hester Street Art Fair / February 2017

-       In response to the election, Hester Street art fair hosted a Protest T Shirt design pop-up show.

-       Over 25 local and international artists contributed

-       Sold out of T Shirts, one of which was purchased by Chloe Sevigny

-       All proceeds went to ACLU


Creative Edge Miami

Creative Edge Parties / November 2016

-       Flown down to Miami by Creative Edge Parties to paint mural

-       Mural displayed in Design Miami x Basel weekend

Bushwick Art Mart

Shiwck Art Mart / October 2016

-       Brooklyn-based Art Market curated by Shwick Studios

-       Part of the Bushwick Open Studios Weekend

-       Showcases the work of over 50 artists and artisans


Bloomingdale’s Street Art x Street Style / September 2016

-       Created live art mural display for the Bloomingdale’s Street Art x Street Style event

-       Design printed on limited edition tote bag

212 Arts

212 Art Gallery / September 2016

-       Showed painting at 212 Gallery among other notable street artists including Bradley Theodore and Chris RWK

RAW Artist Showcase

RAW Artist Brooklyn / August 2016

-       Selected by the RAW Artist company to feature display at the Warsaw Greenpoint pop-up show

-       Sold Out of all apparel and prints

-       Featured on the title page of the Raw Artists website

Femmequerade Ball

Good Room Brooklyn / August 2016

-       An evening created to discuss gender, performance and the patriarchy

-       Art collage displayed and sold at the Silent Auction

Affordable Art Show

Sold! Magazine / August 2016

-       Sold! Magazine created by B.D White hosted re-launch party and Affordable Art show

-       Painting displayed with notable artists like SACSIX, AZ, City Kitty and Danielle Mastrion

Sold! Magazine Feature

Sold! Magazine / April 2016

-       An evening created to discuss gender, performance and the patriarchy

-       Art collage displayed and sold at the Silent Auction

The Market NYC

The Market NYC SoHo / April 2016

-       Commissioned to paint custom designs on the flagship store on Mulberry and Houston

-       Featured in New York Post with Hillary Duff

Never Blue Zine

Con Artist Collective / March 2016

-       Illustration selected for the independently published zine

-       Piece shown in the Con Artist Collective Gallery on the Lower East Side

Dr. Toscano

Dr. Toscano / February 2016

-       Dr. Toscano, as written in the New York Times, is a street-art collector and prominent investor. He selects up-and-coming artists and displays their work in his Central Park South office.

Bowie Tribute Mural

Greenwich Village / February 2016

-       Created mural in memory of David Bowie in Greenwich village

-       The mural was used in a Free People ad campaign


Rogue and Canon

Rogue and Canon / October 2015

-       Painted mural at the Sullivan and Houston Greenwich village location

-       Mural featured in the food-blogger Miss New Emily (now What’s Emily Doing)

Café de La Esquina

Café de La Esquina Williamsburg / October 2015

-       First mural painted in New York.

-       Still displayed and maintained at their N.3 and Wythe location





Brooklyn, NY